StarVie Aquila Space Speed 2.0

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Level: Advanced/Mid
Shape: Tear
Balance: High
Surface: Carbon 3K
Profile: 38mm
Core: Soft (Ultraspeed)
Weight: 350-385g

Aquila Space 2.0 Speed is a racket for those who want assistance in adding speed to their gameplay. With its ultra-soft core and teardrop shape, it's a racket that provides the necessary conditions.

More information:

Aquila Space Speed 2.0 is designed for those seeking assistance in increasing ball speed. Made entirely of carbon fiber, this is a highly durable and powerful racket. The teardrop shape provides a balance higher up on the racket, and the ultra-soft core helps you add speed to your game. The Aquila series features an Anatomic Bridge design, making it very comfortable to grip, and the Aquila Core at the heart further enhances stability while balancing the weight.

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