Your guide to Starvie's 2024 collection

The new collection from Starvie features a full range of quality rackets tailored for both the professional player and the recreational player. All rackets are handcrafted in Starvie's own factory in Spain, ensuring the highest quality.

What sets this collection apart is the new "Noene Inside" technology, which has given the grip entirely new properties and now provides much better shock absorption. The collection also introduces a brand new model, the Starvie Kenta, which is a round racket with a slightly longer handle designed for the advanced player. Like many other models, the Kenta comes with three different cores: PRO, Soft, and Ultra Speed.

The other models are old favorites that have been updated with entirely new designs and Starvie's latest technologies. Astrum, which has been the most popular model, is back and still stands as one of the absolute best rackets on the market in its segment. Triton is another top model that has been popular in the past and now comes with three different cores but remains an offensive weapon in all variants.

For the player seeking full control and a lighter racket, Metheora has been updated, as well as its "sibling" Metheora Dual with its dual cores.

The intermediate player will find great joy in the new variations of Titania and Aquila. Starvie offers defensive and offensive rackets for all players, used by both top players on the WPT tour and beginners alike. Quality rackets for everyone, plain and simple!

You can find the entire collection and all models here.
And if you have any questions or need more tips, Sport of Padel support is always available.

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