Mastering Padel: The most common strokes on a padel court

Padel is a complex sport where the combination of tactics, physicality, and technique makes you a master! In the game, there are several different shots you need to control to dominate the court, ranging from defending to finishing the ball. In our overview, we list the most common shots and the first ones you should aim to master to take new steps in your padel journey.

Serve: The serve plays a crucial role in setting the tone of the game. Its aim is to get the ball over the net and initiate the game in a controlled manner. A good serve is typically placed towards the side wall to reduce the risk of an easy return from opponents and to give you time to position yourself at the net.

Volleys: Volleys are shots executed before the ball bounces on the ground. These are typically performed when the player is positioned at the net and can be used both for attacking and defending. Mastering volleys is essential to take control of the game at the net and keep the pressure on opponents.

Smash: The smash is the powerful shot used to finish points. It is usually executed when the ball bounces high near the net, providing the player with an opportunity to attack the ball with power and placement. A well-placed smash can be difficult for opponents to return and can result in a winning point.

Bandeja: The bandeja is a mix between attack and defense. It is usually performed when the player is at the net and aims to send the ball over the net with a high arc to force opponents to defend from the back of the court. It is a strategic shot that gives the player an opportunity to maintain pressure and control over the game.

Lob: The lob is a defensive shot used to give the player time to regain position on the court. It is typically executed when the player is at the back of the court and is under pressure from opponents. A well-placed lob can force opponents to retreat and give the player an opportunity to regain control of the point.

Vibora: The vibora shot is a combination of a smash and bandeja. It is used to either define the point or pressure opponents, depending on where it is played on the court. Vibora is particularly useful for players who do not have a very powerful smash but seek to win points in a smart way instead.


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